All of us have needs. Sometimes we need someone to come visit us. Other times it is enough to know we are being prayed for.
 If we can be of help to you, we will do anything we can. Below you will find several possibilities.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is about connecting with God. Sometimes prayer is as simple as sitting in silence, enjoying the presence of God. Other times prayer is the expression of needs and an asking of God for help. It is our honor to offer prayer for you. If you would like for our prayer team to pray for you ‘click’ the button below. 

Prayer Request

Visitation Ministry

There are times when what helps us the most is for someone to personally let us know they care. It could be that you would like a personal visit from one of our care team members or pastors. On the first Sunday of each month we bring communion to homebound people who live within our mission field. On the third Tuesday of the month we bring those same folks soup.

Request a visit 

Grief Support

Having people who will walk alongside us in our struggles can be hugely helpful. Most of us need the support of others in this life which can often be very challenging. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one and would like the support and encouragement of others who know are going through a similar situation, click below

Recovery Groups

Substance abuse impacts individuals, families, and communities.
 We believe in the sanctifying grace of God.  We believe God desires to bring healing and wholeness.
  If you are seeking support for recovery from the impact of substance abuse, click below.
 There are many times and locations for meetings in the Pasadena area, including First UMC Pasadena.

Society of St. Stephen

Society of St. Stephen is First Pasadena’s food pantry ministry. We are able to help with bags of food every other month and limited rent and utility assistance once a year for anyone who has a Pasadena zip code. Office hours are Monday – Thursday from 10:00 am-1:00 pm at the church. Please bring a driver’s license or official ID to receive assistance. For more information, call 281-487-1774.